ICNDC2015 will be held at Hangzhou December in 19-21,2015

ICNDC2015 will be held at Hangzhou in December 19−21 ,2015

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Electronical copyright release submmition(ASAP)

Because copyright release forms of some of authors are not in right format, We asked IEEE publication Service to give us interface of electronical copyright release submmition. For all of authors, please complete it ASAP by the end of April. Sorry for inconvenience.
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Novel Multi-hop Routing Algorithm Based on Uneven Clustering

The 4th IEEE International Conference on Networking and Distributed Computing

Novel Multi-hop Routing Algorithm Based on Uneven Clustering

Qiuluan Li, Guohua Zhan, Zhihua Li

Hangzhou Institute of Service Engineering,Hangzhou Normal University,Hangzhou, China


Aiming at the deficiency like unbalanced cluster-head distribution, rebounded amount of cluster-head, and ignorance of the residual energy of sensor nodes competing for cluster-heads caused by LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy)  algorithm using random probability rotation to choose cluster-heads, a novel multi-hop routing algorithm based on uneven clustering(MRAUC) is proposed. The problem of energy hole which caused by uneven clustering multi-hop routing is eased via adopting optimized cluster radii, and the idea of fixed partition is introduced to ensure the stable distribution and constant number of cluster-heads. In addition, residual energy and geographic locations of sensor nodes are fully taken into account in choosing cluster-heads. Furthermore, the framework of node chain consists of the innermost cluster-heads is proposed to alleviate the energy load of cluster-heads near sink node. The experiments show that MRAUC have outstanding performance in terms of network lifetime, the balance of node load and network energy consumption.

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Real-time Constrained Causal Order Delivery Ensuring Broadcast Algorithm Providing High Responsiveness


I have posted the paper title.

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